The Covid-secure broadcast event studio is fully equipped and ready to go. Adjacent to the virtual studio is a number of private rooms that can be used as private green rooms, exclusive working offices, and catering spaces. As far as virtual solutions go, the studio is ideally suited for immersive live streams, live broadcasts, virtual and hybrid events, photoshoots, filming, and TV production.

Let’s take a closer look at what it offers event organisers and content creators, especially with the roadmap to events now in full sight.

The stage covers an area of 4m wide x 3m deep. We offer a wide range of event furniture for both formal and informal seating arrangements.

The High Chroma green backdrop measures 4m x 2m x 3m high.

High-tech audio includes 2 x speaker D&B sound system, 1 x Midas Digital sound desk, 2 x lectern microphones, and 4 x headset microphones or lapel mics.

Innovative video capabilities are provided by 2 x 55” LED screens for presenter preview, 2 x laptop PC at Control for slides with WebEx account or the client’s preferred platform, 1 x Apple Mac Playback Pro, and 1 x radio slide clicker.

Using a full tri truss system, professional lighting in the studio includes – 4 x lamp front-lighting to stage, 8 x LED pars, and a lighting desk.

A hybrid meeting system features a broadcast camera, a Vmix system with a virtual stage, and a dedicated internet line. On-site technical support is provided by our award-winning in-house event technologists. The team of four includes an audio engineer, a Vmix engineer, a webcasting engineer, and a camera operator.

Virtual studio hire is incredibly flexible with half-day rates and other packages to include rehearsals pre-event.


Other services include:

  • A day rate for keynote speaker recording or any other on-demand content creation activities.
  • Webcasting and live streaming
  • Filming and editing of the virtual event
  • Branded backdrops
  • Pre-and post-production
  • Additional equipment such as autocue, microphones
  • Remote presenting kit

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