Room Detail:
The control room allows you to mix and edit simultaneously. Built specifically with audio production in mind, the studio is spacious and soundproof

Key Features:
• ATC Pro Pair speakers
• 8x Channel Input/Outputs
• 4x dedicated analogue lines and 3 digital channels for the room
• IMAC console integration running ProTools software which allows for audio and video editing

Main Benefits:
Window between Sound Control Studio and Podcast Studio allows for enhanced communication and simultaneous audio and video production

Ideal For:
Podcasts, Music/Sound/Audio/Video Editing, Mixing and Production

2-3 persons

Hourly Rate:
$95 + GST

Half Day (4 hours):
$350 + GST (8am-12pm OR 1pm-5pm). 15% Loading outside these hours

Full Day (8 hours):
$700 + GST (8am-6pm). 15% Loading outside these hours


Level 6, Sydney Startup Hub 11 - 17 York St

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