Playground Productions Studio is a 24 track recording and rehearsal studio, which also hosts activities such as drum circles, workshops, public and private events, lessons, clinics, and more. The space is also intended for artists and musicians to use for recording, rehearsing, small concerts, gallery presentations, photo shoots and much more.

The studio features 3 main rooms for utilization:

The Blue Room is just over 1000 sq ft, and has 24 mic inputs, 4 return, 2 speaker connections, 2 CAT6 data jacks and 2 video jacks. We feature wood on the walls which is actually a Helmholtz Resonator, the max point in the ceiling goes to 15ft, and the floor is concrete. A very live and loud sound, but due to the Resonator and the acoustic spray foam on the ceiling, the echo is gone along with heavy low mid frequency, but a full sound remains.

The Orange Room is meant to be a room where one does not need to crank their amp to 11! This is a space with a natural reverb that relates to a wooden verb or medium room reverb preset on Garage Band: reverb that accents some of the high and high mid frequencies but not overbearing and dies quickly for it too has a Helmholtz Resonator installed on one wall. In describing the walls they are built as follows – the outer wall is sheet rock, the studs are staggered not allowing any one piece of 2×4 to touch outside to inside wall and they are 2ft from center; the insulation between the studs is a material called Roxul Safe n Sound (aka Stone Wool); then we are back to the inside studs but they will be covered first by 3mm of rubber and then a sheet of drywall on top of all the rubber, followed by another sheet of drywall. The door entering the space is an external steel door, which almost creates a vacuum once the door closes. The flooring in the room is a vinyl wood plank, and beneath it is the 3mm rubber sound barrier that is also on the inside studs. The room is 360 sq ft with 16 mic inputs, 4 returns, 2 speaker connections, 2 CAT6 data jacks and 2 video jacks.

The ISO Booth is not your usual cramped, heavily padded vocal room, but rather a 7ft x 9ft room allowing comfort for a duet and possibly trio to work side by side. After working with a variety of vocalists and artists, I noticed they enjoyed having others with them in the room when recording, and at times have other items in the room to help keep them calm and perform to the best of their abilities for a great take instead of doing multiple takes. In a 4ft x 4ft space there is little to no room to have company or lucky charms accompany the artist. Hence why I wanted my ISO Booth to be a cozy 7ft x 9ft room. The walls are built the same as the rehearsal room except it has twice the Roxul insulation making it dead quiet when entering and has carpet instead of vinyl plank. The separation between the ISO Booth and the Control Room is with concrete and rubber sound barrier on both walls with acoustic foam on top of the rubber in the ISO Booth. The walls are also covered by acoustic absorption sheets, and the door is also an external steel door. The room is not quite the void or vacuum in space, but rather gives the artist a full sound with an immediate cut. The room has 4 mic inputs, 2 returns, 2 speaker connections, 2 CAT6 data jacks and 2 video jacks.

The studio also has an art gallery, a comfortable lounge, a kitchenette, and an overhead door and a garage to allow artists and bands to enter, load in/load out, and to use the garage area for storage while rehearsing, recording or performing.


5529 Bonna Ave, Suite 10, Indianapolis, IN 46226

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