Earwig Studios offers  the MCI 2 inch 24 track. We have two MCI’s on site , one that belonged to Cat Stevens and the other to Bryan Ferry. We usually mix to the Studer A-80 1/2 inch 2 track and then master to digital file for online , CD or vinyl production .

Individual tape tracks can be digitised with the two Allen & Heath ICE 16 track digital recorders that sync up to give up to 32 tracks. We also use these 32 channel in/out interfaces to record digitally for projects more suited to Pro Tools . Voice work ,  advertisements and telephone IVR’s are also recorded digitally.

As well as wide format analogue tape recorders, analogue mastering, and multitrack digitizing capability, Earwig Studios offer other services usually not associated with studios in the mid to low range price bracket.
Upright Piano ,Fender Rhodes and Yamaha electric pianos , Hammond organ with leslie speaker , 20m3 concrete reverb chamber , stereo plate reverb ,classic Urei and dbx compression , Neumann U 87 microphone and Soundtracs 44 channell console .All items one would usually associate with higher priced facilities.


41 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand

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