Since 1977, Colorado Sound Studios has provided top quality recording services for local artists, national artists and businesses. For over 42 years, we have maintained the highest standards in providing a full-service, professional facility for music production, mastering, composing, arranging, MIDI, video production, and access to the finest professional talent in the Industry.

The well-equipped Studio A offers the highest level of professional gear as part of our day-to-day operations. Equipment includes: a Neve 5088, ProTools HDX system with many plug-ins, an Otari MTR-90II with Dolby SR Noise Reduction. We also have a Yamaha C7 concert grand piano, C3 Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano and a wonderful collection of classic guitar amps, vintage tube mics and top of the line outboard gear.

With a second ProTools HDX system, our highly versatile Studio B offers the very best in virtual instruments, samples, and loops for song production and beat sequencing. This room is designed for CD mastering, overdubs, orchestration and editing with highly-regarded plug-ins and analog outboard processors.

Our latest project, Studio W has a multi-functional purpose as we continue to design and build a new space created specifically for video production (bands and artists, educational, and corporate videos), audio production (streaming, podcasts, album recording), intimate shows, CD release parties, band rehearsals, and photography. Studio W is also where we will be officially housing our growing educational program.  Colorado Sound Media Labs offers classes and active hands-on learning, allowing education to merge with onsite projects.

Colorado Sound Studios Mobile provides superior professional recordings and broadcasts with our highly experienced team and well-equipped remote recording truck.  With fiber connection from stage to truck, isolated splits, high-quality audience microphones, Pro Tools HDX system, and redundant back ups, your live performance will be beautifully captured and live mixed for broadcast or release.  The Studer Vista 5 console provides more than 80 high quality mic preamps, allowing the Colorado Sound team to capture the most complex shows- bring on the Symphony!

Here at Colorado Sound Studios, or on location with Colorado Sound Studios Mobile, we can accommodate any of your recording needs with our world-class engineers and a comfortable environment.


3100 West 71st Avenue, Westminster, CO, USA

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